Azar stone Complex has been operated on 2003 in-order to develop red travertine stone processing. This complex has been established for international trading as well as local marketing in stone industry.

In production department, the factory produces travertine tile in different sizes from 30*30 to 80*80 and travertine Slab from 80.1*80.2.

Moreover by our customer demands we can cut the blocks in azar stone complex and produce the tiles with no polish. It means our customers can choose the best tiles with no concern about the sort and color and use their own processing in destination. Several kinds of finishing such as polished, hammered, bush-hammered, flamed, leathered, cut-broken, and any ordered finishing by the clients are being performed in Azar stone Factory.  Stone engraving is one of the other activities which give a unique appearance to the natural stone.